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The Website operator is Martyn Rapley.

Changes to These Terms & Conditions

The Website operator may amend these Terms & Conditions from time to time.  If significant changes are made, the Website operator will post a prominent announcement on the home page.

Use of Website

Unless otherwise specified the Website is for the purposes of providing you with information about holistic lifestyle coaching services.

User Content

You may not upload or publish information on the Website.

Intellectual Property

Except where identified below, the contents of the Website, including but not limited to text, logos, and graphics are copyrighted and are the property of the Website operator.

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The ‘Mind Body Coach’ logo featuring the meditating man, yin & yang symbols and surrounded by a ring containing further symbols is the creation of Martyn Rapley who is the copyright owner. All rights are reserved.

The ‘yin and yang’ favicon used by the site is the intellectual property of Richard Murray and is used with the permission of the copyright owner.

Photographic Images

The following photographic images used within the Website header and background are the intellectual property of others and are either used under a Creative Commons licence or are declared by the image owner to be in the public domain:

Copyright Infringement

The Website operator respects the intellectual property of others, and requests users of the Website to do the same.  The Website operator will process and investigate notices of alleged copyright infringements and will act promptly to comply with applicable laws by removing material from the Website or disabling access to material.  Please email details of suspected copyright infringements using the form at http://mindbodycoach.co.uk/contact/

Typographical Errors

The Website operator takes care to ensure that the Website is accurate.  However, it is not warranted that the Website is free of spelling and typographical errors.

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Applicable Law

Your use of the Website shall be governed in all respects by the Law of Scotland.

Privacy Policy

The Website operator has access to webserver logs that may include your IP address and page(s) requested.  This information is not personally identifiable.

The Website operator does not collect any personally identifiable information when you visit the Website.

The Website operator will not set or access cookies on your computer when you visit the Website.